Neighborhood Money

Banks Don't Want Your Money

May 02, 2022 Cavan & Andrew Season 1 Episode 40
Neighborhood Money
Banks Don't Want Your Money
Show Notes

The current state of the economy is terrible for savers…high inflation coupled with low rates. Drew and Cavan talk about the current state of the economy and give their thoughts on what you could do if you consider yourself a conservative saver.

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***** Episode breakdown *****

0:00 - Intro

2:13 - Sorry Savers, Banks Don’t Want Your Money

4:47 - How bank interest, CDs and money markets work

8:37 -What this means for the average saver

12:48 - 4 options to beat the banks

13:10 - Index Funds

15:54 - REITs

18:55 - iBonds

20:58 - Crypto / Bitcoin

23:03 - Key Takeaways

28:13 - What’s Going On In The Neighborhood

37:58 - Outro

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Cavan: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Drew: Rich Dad Poor Dad

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The Neighborhood Money Podcast is two friends talking about money on a weekly basis, nothing more. Anything said during the podcast is either Drew or Cavan's opinion and should not be taken as financial advice. This show is for educational and entertainment purposes only.