Neighborhood Money

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

April 04, 2022 Cavan & Andrew Season 1 Episode 36
Neighborhood Money
3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances
Show Notes

Every year we have to sweep out the dust from the garage, rake up the leftover leaves and prep our lawns and gardens for the spring and summer ahead. But one area in your life that could use some “cleaning” this spring is your finances. Drew and Cavan share 3 ways that you can clean up your finances this spring. Tidying up your taxes, decluttering your debt and grooming your summer budget are all discussed in this week’s episode. Also, Drew and Cavan have a couple more ways to clean up your finances, so tune in!

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***** Episode breakdown *****

0:00 - Intro

1:42 - 1. Tidy up your taxes

7:19 - 2. Declutter your debt

13:00 - 3. Groom your summer budget

16:49 - Bonus cleaning tips

23:32 - Money Minute

24:30 - What’s Going On In The Neighborhood

28:47 - Outro

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